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At Clear Behavioral Health, we know great therapy is dynamic and tailored to each client.

Clear Behavioral Health is proud to offer individual counseling and one-on-one therapy sessions. Our expert clinical team works to help each client uncover and treat their underlying needs and conditions.

At Clear Behavioral Health, we offer the support of individual counselors and therapists. We help uncover and treat the issues underlying depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

Our Individualized Therapy Team

Are you suffering from depression, addiction or another mental health condition? Clear Behavioral Health’s clinical team can help you achieve long lasting recovery with their unparalleled therapeutic guidance. Clear Behavioral Health’s dedicated therapists, case managers and operational staff work on-site to help each client understand and manage their addiction or mental health conditions.

Our expert therapists can help you process family issues, marriage struggles, anxiety, anger, depression and more. Our team has a tremendous amount of experience helping teens, adults and working professionals manage the full spectrum of issues that arise throughout different stages of life. Clear Behavioral Health’s unparalleled selection of therapeutic approaches ensures each client receives a targeted and personalized treatment plan. Our licensed therapists are trained in the full range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities.

Clear Behavioral Health believes that our clients’ success depends on the quality of our staff. That’s why we have assembled an expert team of therapists and case managers who pride themselves on their tremendous experience in behavioral health and their passion for helping others. The Clear Behavioral Health clinical team is South Bay’s premiere addiction and mental health treatment group. In addition to individual therapy, we provide an unparalleled and multimodal treatment experience which includes group processing sessions, life coaching and alumni support.

Therapeutic Modalities


This therapeutic approach supports patients in identifying harmful and destructive thought patterns and behaviors so that they may adopt meaningful solutions. CBT is particularly focused on providing a forward-thinking approach to recovery which helps clients create new thinking patterns for long-term remission.


In these therapy sessions, individuals work with therapists to identify unconscious maladaptive behaviors and work to rectify previous trauma and negative experiences through dialogue and feedback from therapist.


While DBT was designed to help those dealing with personality disorders, such is Borderline Personality, it is now considered an excellent therapeutic option for all individuals struggling with chemical dependency and mental illness. Similar to CBT, DBT also assesses an individual’s thoughts and behavior patterns. Additionally, it helps clients develop skills including emotion regulation,interpersonal relationship management, and incorporates mindfulness practices.


Motivational interviewing was designed to help individuals in recovery. This method meets clients where they are at and allows the client to look at the pros and cons of maintaining their behaviors. Motivational interviewing is known to help clients set goals and obtain a sense of personal motivation. Motivational interviewing assists clients in making meaningful changes that contribute to long-lasting recovery.


This modern therapeutic approach is focused on mindfulness and living in the present moment. In Gestalt therapy sessions, clients identify issues that block their ability to achieve recovery and symptom relief. Clients work with their therapist to understand interpersonal dynamics and how to correct negative behaviors.


EMDR is a method that utilizes specific eye movements or other physical processes to help alleviate the ongoing stress that accompanies previous trauma and the memories of trauma. EMDR often provides immediate results for patients struggling with difficult childhood and early experiences.


Somatic experiencing focuses on healing from trauma through physical sensations and movement therapy. Patients will work with their therapist to identify previous traumatic experiences and utilize techniques that allow the patient to begin to manage everyday situations effectively.

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