The Importance of Increasing Access to care for Burnout and Depression

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According to a study conducted by Indeed, worker burnout and depression is on the rise. Indeed conducted a small survey of 1,500 U.S workers of a variety of age groups, experience levels and industry sectors. The survey findings reported that 52% of respondents are currently experiencing burnout and depression at work. A whopping 80% reported that Covid-19 has impacted workplace burnout and depression. With this mental health crisis on the rise, increasing access to care for burnout and depression has never been more important for fighting the stresses of daily life.

The Importance of seeking help

If burnout and depression are left untreated, other problems may arise. Physical problems, such as high blood pressure, muscle tension, gastrointestinal distress, insomnia and even substance abuse can occur.

Increasing access to care for Burnout and Depression

Various lockdowns and restrictions as a result of the pandemic have resulted in the establishment of virtual therapy programs. Virtual therapy programs make it convenient for those with ongoing demands and for individuals with mobility or transportation issues. Individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and burnout no longer have to worry about leaving their comfort zone. Virtual therapy is effective in reducing symptoms and severity of mental health conditions.

Symptoms and Causes of Burnout and Depression

While they may have similar symptoms, burnout and depression are two very different obstacles that people face. Unsure if you’re burned out or depressed?

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