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Alumni Spotlight – Ian B.

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Why did you decide to get sober, or what turn of events lead you to Clear Behavioral Health?

Several unfortunate events led me to getting sober and to Clear Behavioral Health. I lost my job, lost my car, had been arrested and was facing a felony.

How has your perspective on life changed since beginning recovery?

My outlook on life now is definitely more positive. Now I have a future to look forward to instead of dying in darkness. It’s huge. I mean I have friends with real connections, I have a life worth living.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I look forward to long-term sobriety. I look forward to being able to show up for my family and show up for my friends. I look forward to having a solid career path and putting value into the world. Adding value to society instead of being a negative influence on everyone around me.

What have you learned about yourself in recovery?

I learned that it was hard for me to open up about my real feelings and identify what I was going through. I didn’t know how to properly communicate what was going on with me as far as my emotions and feelings and I wasn’t able to express them in a healthy way.

If you could reach out to someone new in recovery, what advice would you give to them?

Clear definitely saved my life. My life today is drastically different than it was two years ago, drastically different. I mean I am talking on the phone to you from Chicago where I am taking over this tech company. We’re expanding this tech company and I have a large role in it. Two years ago, I was locked up in my room, afraid to leave. I had no one around me and I was this huge negative force in people’s lives. And now I’m building instead of destroying.

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