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Clear Behavioral Health’s life coaching prepares clients for a meaningful future.

Many in early mental health and addiction recovery lack the skills they need to function independently, or may be overwhelmed by the responsibilities that accompany an independent life. The life coaching program at Clear Behavioral Health empowers clients with self-confidence and essential life skills so that they can excel during treatment and beyond. Through highly effective treatment modalities, mentoring, and experiential therapy, we help clients make positive changes and prepare for their meaningful, independent lives.

We help clients to attack life differently, focusing on getting them prepared and making positive changes in different aspects of their life.

Vocational Counseling

At Clear we help clients get prepared for all the parts of looking for a job. Learning how to construct a resume, dress to impress and go on an interview are important pieces of vocational support. For individuals that already have established careers, we focus on helping them repair any damage in their workplace and learn how to navigate their working environment more effectively in recovery.

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We Focus On…


We help clients learn how to present themselves effectively and look as good as they feel


Learning new behaviors is one of the most important pieces of recovery. While not everyone struggles with these, some individuals need help developing skills surrounding daily tasks.


Almost everyone struggling with addiction or a mental health issue can benefit tremendously from learning new and effective communication skills.


Learning to set boundaries with the opposite sex, family members and other individuals in society is a key part of living a healthy emotionally centered lifestyle.


A focus on integrity is key when it comes to recovery. Integrity leads to self-esteem and self-esteem decreases the chance of relapse.

Giving Back

Acts of service are another important part of recovery and healthy living. We help clients get excited about participating in service.

Higher Education Counseling

For many, addiction or untreated mental disorders get in the way of completing college or career training. Clear helps clients set SMART goals and get back on track with their education.

Clear Behavioral Health is the premiere location for addiction and mental health treatment because we understand that long-term support is crucial. At Clear, support doesn’t end after our clients graduate. We are proud to offer unparalleled support and ongoing alumni programming to all of our clients.

Treatment For The Whole Family
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Take the next step. Call us now.

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