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We provide drug screening for a variety of situations.

Clear Behavioral Health can provide comprehensive drug screening services for individuals with varied testing needs. We offer accurate drug testing for all major drugs by utilizing an extensive screening panel that can detect marijuana (THC), cocaine, Ecstasy/MDA, methadone, barbiturates, opiates, PCP, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, and many other drugs of abuse. We can provide screening for a variety of different situations.

Regardless of the reason or need for drug screening, Clear Behavioral Health is able to offer professional and accurate testing for patients, employers, and community members.

Drug Screening for Clients

Individuals who participate in our outpatient recovery programs will have access to drug testing services. When patients enter our program, they will complete a screening so that our support professionals can help them to develop an appropriate detoxification and recovery plan. During their time at Clear, individuals will complete additional screenings in order to maintain a sense of accountability and to ensure that a safe recovery environment is maintained at all time.

Drug Screening for Family Members

Family members of individuals suffering from chemical dependency may also seek out our services for their loved one, especially for teens and young adults who are suspected of using drugs. Utilizing our secure facility ensures accuracy and decreases the likelihood of false negative results from tampered with or adulterated samples.

Making the decision to drug test a loved one can also be a stressful and difficult choice for many families. Learning how to set appropriate boundaries, hold the line and establish a healthy relationship dynamic is key. Fortunately, Clear Behavioral Health offers a variety of family services and support systems to address these different dynamics.

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