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People that achieve long-term abstinence do it without luxurious treatment facilities. From a Loved ones perspective, one needs to invoke a need to change in order for this to work. Here we are going to go over the top 5 tips on how to confront a drug addict:

5 Ways to how to confront a drug addict

1 – Admit to yourself that the person that you care about is really struggling. 

Confronting an addict is easy to sweep this under the rug, and chalk up their use as recreational or manageable. This is a huge mistake if, in fact, your loved one does have a problem with drugs and alcohol. If you do not admit to yourself they they do indeed have a problem, the loved one may never get the help that they so desperately need.

2 – Before confronting the drug addict get as much information as you possibly can on drug addiction and alcoholism. 

Learn about what you are going up against in terms of the addiction itself. There is a wealth of books, articles, videos, forums, etc. That can give plenty of help regarding this issue. If this is more difficult than you think, do not hesitate in reaching out to a local therapist or counselor for additional help. A guide to walk you through getting your loved one help, can be a life saver.

3 – Tread Lightly when confronting someone with alcoholism of a drug problem. 

The big thing is to not approach the person while they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They must be physically sober, as to not promote and unwanted response. Along with this, it is helpful if your loved one is in a comfortable secure environment such as a long car ride.

4 – Your tone of voice is a key factor in swaying the conversation in one direction or another. 

Come to the conversation with an understanding tone of voice, where your loved one may be inclined to open up and reach to you for help. Alcoholics and addicts may be very closed off and defensive. Avoid using the words you, a strong tone of voice, or an aggressive demeanor. These things may cause backlash and your chance to get through to the person may have vanished.

5 – Find faith in the person that you wish to get better. 

As hopeless as it may seem, people get sober all of the time coming from a hopeless state of mind and body. Within this very same faith, never give up on them. They may not get sober the first time. They may not get sober the second time. As many times as it takes, never give up on your loved one. At some point sobriety will stick. They are never a hopeless cause.

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Last Updated on September 24, 2021

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